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We started Rx Appointments because we are passionate about helping small businesses succeed through the use of technology. We partner with local small businesses to understand their needs and we work hard to make their business workflow simpler with technology. The goal is to achieve positive business outcomes for our clients so that our clients can put more energy and focus toward what is more important: their business, customers, and staff.

We have helped so many small businesses grow, including independent pharmacies with our Rx Appointments system and IT consulting. Our services are what sets us apart from the big tech firms. But don't let the size of our team scare you away as being smaller just like your business, we are able to be more nimble and agile when it comes to adapting to our clients' needs. The one thing we truly enjoy and wake up every morning for is to hear and see the satisfaction of our clients when they realize we have made their jobs easier and their businesses better. This is what drives us to continually improve our products so that our small business clients can compete against their competitors.

Join us, and together with your expertise in your industry and our expertise in technology, we can achieve our better business outcomes and ultimately our dreams!

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